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Christmas Cakes....

C C 's Traditional Rich Fruit Christmas Cakes are made using only the finest ingredients. The fruit is left for 24 hours to soak in cognac, it is then mixed by hand, and baked to perfection, ensuring a moist, rich fruit cake. Over 2 months, the cake is fed with further cognac and freshly squeezed orange juice to ensure the cake stays beautifully moist.

We have cakes that can be purchased decorated or undecorated. Our decorated cakes are available in various styles, and are decorated with the finest marzipan and then covered with fondant and / or royal icing.

In addition to the traditional rich fruit cake, you can choose either a vanilla sponge or chocolate sponge cake.

We request a minimum of 7 days notice, to ensure your cake is baked and finished to perfection, but.....

if you require a cake a short notice, please contact Caroline to discuss